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Mana Sakuragawa

Mana Sakuragawa
  • In Japan, 25 year old Mana Sakuragawa is a famous AV actress - a porn star - from Osaka. She is a gorgeous, unconventional-looking girl with big breasts, curvy waist-line and very cute tiny feet ... and a penis that can grow really fast!

    Mana first knew she wanted to be a new-half when she saw Madonna`s performance as an elementary school student.  When she saw the popular singer, she knew she wanted to be a sexy woman and lusted by men just like her.

    She started out as a dancer/hostess in a famous new-half club in Osaka and got herself breast implants and castration surgery in her teens.  She has since gone through some truly amazing transformation.

    Paris Hilton and Madonna as her role models, Mana is a bad girl and wants to stay this way.  This self claimed femme fatale oozes sex and lives up to her claim.

    Mana is a big movie fan. She is a zombie movie freak.  She`s watched almost all zombie movies including some really old ones.

    Mana`s taste in men: she wants to be loved by men bigger than herself.  She`s usually a submissive bottom however at a flip of the switch for the right man, she can dominate and fuck her man very hard.

    Mana is currently working for an escort service in Hakata, Fukuoka.


    Height: 171 cms (5ft 6) 

    Weight: 63kg (137lb)

    Stats:  108/66/96  (43/26/38)


  • Location: Hakata, Fukuoka
  • Birthday: 23rd June

Mana's Videos

Mana Sakuragawa Double-Teamed!

Mana had big fun on this exclusive hardcore shoot, she got plenty of hard dick, and also got to do some fucking of her own. This lusty young tgirl is super hot, we hope you enjoy.

29th Apr 2021

27:06 HD Video
& 174 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

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