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Kristel Kisaki

Kristel Kisaki
  • Nineteen years young Kristel has a Spanish mother and a Japanese father. She lived in Spain until 5 but has since called Osaka home.

    For fun, Kristel enjoys reading and listening to classical music. Her favorite composers are Chopin and Schubert, although her favorite piece is Cannon in D major by Johann Pachelbel. Being half Japanese, Kristel started learning Judo and Aikido very young and still practices both. She also enjoys paying a temple pilgrimage to Kyoto once a month. "Shimizu Temple is my lucky power spot!" claimed Kristel. Recently she also discovered that Kyotos traditional Japanese Wagashi sweets are irresistible.

    An admirer of the traditional Japanese Kimoto, Kristel seems to be a quiet, submissive, traditionally Japanese kind of girl. However, "It must be my Latin blood... I cannot get enough sex!" confessed Kristel. Her favorite sex is simply "to be fucked really hard by somebody with a big cock"!

    Blessed by a bi-cultural and international background, Kristel is well-traveled. She has been to New York, Las Vegas, Canada and France. Next she plans to visit the United Kingdom and Italy.

    The people Kristel admires are Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Dias and Yukie Nakama. For men, she likes them to be "a bit chubby, a gentleman, and beams with boyish charm when smile!"


    Height: 168cm (5 ft 7)
    Weight: 57kg (126 lbs)
    Stats: 82/65/91 (33/26/36)
  • Location: Osaka, Japan
  • Birthday: 2nd August

Kristel's Videos

Tender Loving Kristel Kisaki!

Trans lady Kristel Kisaki knows how to wind down after a long day by pleasuring her man and by fulfilling her womanly needs. It takes two to create sexual heat and this caring couple has it. From the good cock sucking moments to the screwing ones, Kristel body becomes a temple of love.

13th Apr 2023

27:19 HD Video
& 167 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

Kristel Kisaki Blooms!

Tgirl Kristel Kisaki shows that she is not at all inhibited by sex as her hardcore scene today is a three-way. She looks so comfortable taking care of two dicks as well as get her tight asshole fucked throughout this scene.

29th Sep 2022

27:17 HD Video
& 184 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

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