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Erina Aisaki

Erina Aisaki
  • SMJ did it again – we`ve managed to shoot another major rising star of the Japanese Adult Video industry. At the tender age of 18, Erina is the new `it` girl of the industry.
    With her golden tan and fashionable girly-glam make-up, Erina is an archetype of the trendy Japanese Gyaru subculture, which has gained huge influence over the Japanese fashion and pop-culture economy in the past decades. As a result of the invasion of this seemingly unstoppable subculture, in my opinion, deep in the psyche of every Japanese man, he longs to be dominated by a rebellious, unconventional-looking `Gyaru` girl. Erina is the answer presented by the newhalf adult industry to such prayers of every Japanese man.
    Erina used to work as a dancer in a cabaret nightclub and she`s still got a dancer`s body to match it. Her hobbies are hanging out at nightclubs, shopping and going to tanning salons. She confessed that the reason she keeps her tan is that she is a sucker for badass-looking guys with perfect tans!

    `However`, she also added, `the Sadist in me awakes when I see a pathetic Otaku nerd cheering for AKB 48 (a popular all girl J-pop group). I used to keep a nerdy Otaku slave just like them!`

    Although Erina`s dream is to have a full SRS in Thailand in the near future, she admitted that she wanted to take full advantage of her shecock now. She further elaborated, `It feels so amazing that I just shout out loud in ecstasy all sweaty and what not!`
    Erina is without any doubt, the highly expected rising star of the Newhalf adult industry of 2011.
    Height: 165cm (5 ft 4)
    Weight: 52kg (114lbs)
    Stats: 94/63/90 (37/25/35)
  • Location: Osaka, Japan
  • Birthday: 4th May

Erina's Videos

Erina Aisaki Hardcore!

Erina in the classic escort role meeting her suitor at his Hotel then getting down and dirty. Erina is hot, she loves pleasing her man and she has sure pleased us.

23rd Mar 2023

28:14 HD Video
& 154 Photos

    Rating: 4.33

Erina: I'm Cock And Fuck Hungry!

Erina Aisaki returns as an ambitious blond whose desires involve sucking dick and getting fuck deep in her horny ass. We love a transgirl who can achieve her goals as sexy Erina does in this exclusive hardcore scene.

3rd Mar 2022

24:48 HD Video
& 190 Photos

    Rating: 5.00

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